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Top 5 Filipino Chefs 

Claude Tayag

Owning the restaurant Bale Datung, and currently hosting a shower called ‘No Reservations’. Tayag has been attracting the masses by delivering gorgoues Kampampangan dishes.

Sylvia Reynoso-Gala

Running a cooking school, ‘Reynoso Cooking School’ for over 47 years now. No one can deny this deserves her second spot in this list

Tony Boy Escalante

Achieving a spot on the Asia’s 50 Best restaurants for Antonio’s in Tagaytay, there’s no stopping this chef patron.

Coming as a farm boy from Negros and now having a spot in the limelight, Chef Tony Boy Escalante proved that Filipino do have what it takes.

Annie Lim

Chef Annie or ‘The Chocolate Queen’ as she’s known for. This pastry chef has been roaming the television business since 1977 when she first appeared on a baking commercial.  She hosted two television cooking shows in ABC-5 called ‘Sweet Sense’ and ‘Creative Life’ and has authored several cookbooks such as ‘Baker’s Guide for beginners’

Heny Sison

Chef Heny has been known for her sweet tooth in the media and television. The pastry chef hosted a cooking show called “A Taste of Life wth Heny Sison” in IBC-13. Chef Heny doesn’t only have a knack for cooking, but she does for business too as she currently runs as a director for Petal Craft International and Cake Art International; retailing and wholesaling confectionery, baking and cake decorating supplies.



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